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Bursaries & Grants

GCGP Innovation Grant can be applied for if your facility is going to host an event that may encourage adults, women & girls, juniors, disability golfers into the game. 

The Sustainability & Growth Grant is available for equipment, course works or workshops as required by staff. Funding can be applied for using the application form provided here.

The Bidder Grant is available each year up to a maximum of £250.

Download application form to apply for this grant.

The Bidder Bursary is available to anybody Under the age of 18 to help pay for membership subscriptions to a maximum of 2 years. 

Download the application form the apply for this bursary.

England Golf Trust grants are available for club subscriptions, golf equipment, coaching – and for those who have reached that level – travel to and accommodation at regional and national competitions.  A grant of up to £1500 may be awarded annually with support for up to three years.

Angela Uzielli Bursary will be awarded to promising girl golfers who wish to further their education at university or college, within the British Isles, after school academic year 12, and at the same time continue to develop their golfing skills

It is intended that the income from the capital will fund up to four Bursaries at any one time, of up to £1250 - £2000 each per annum.

England Golf bursaries are provided for students in or entering full-time education at a Higher or Further Education College/University Post year 12 studying a golf related subject or be studying an academic subject post Year 13. Applicants must be actively participating in their course and be able to provide support for their application from their course tutor. 

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