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Get into Golf Rookies

Did you know England Golf have a new mixed offer for 2024 too... Get into Golf Rookies.
Get into Golf Rookies is all about providing more opportunities for children and young people to learn to play golf. The programme is aimed at all children and young people aged 5-18 years.

It follows the same delivery format as Girls Golf Rocks with six hours of activity and the great news is you can deliver an activity block of Get into Golf Rookies and Girls Golf Rocks. For example:

  • One block of Get into Golf Rookies and one block of Girls Golf Rocks
  • Two blocks of Get into Golf Rookies
  • Two blocks of Girls Golf Rocks

We will support you to promote as many blocks of activity during the delivery period as you wish. We have one application form for both programmes so it’s easy for you to complete everything in one place

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